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Jun 3, 2021

3 min read

102/365 — Elaina the Witch — Illustration Step by Step

This is the final design.
Let’s see how it was made step by step!

Also made two featured photo for it.

Draw a draft, and keep amending til you are satisfied with it. The main idea of this step is not to produce something perfectly amazing, but to express our own ideas deep insight minds correctly.

Though the background was apparently different from the final one because you can always make changes, as long as you are not tired, which I believe you won’t since you are making your own artwork!

After researching, I realized the broom wasn’t curved behind Elaina but before, so this was also tweaked before coloring.

Make a background. My goal this time was to draw Elaina floating upon an ocean of flowers before sunset. Considering the potential time I might spend, I decided to Photoshop one instead of drawing it all by myself.

First layer of shadow focusing on the lightest shadow. The main purpose is to create light. The reason why I did not draw another layer for Light was due to the direction of sunlight. It’s behind our protogonist, so except the jewelries, there is nothing lighter than her original color.

But I also noticed that the edges I left for light were wide enough after coloring, part of because her suits is dark violet.

Second and third layers of shadows.
This is for intensification and making it more dimensional. I also drew a thin line on the edge of lighter shadow for a better looking effect.

Actually, I tend to make a lot of shadows and lights which make no difference for the final result, so I decided to stop at the third one.

First layer is for flat color.
I also recoloring the outline to have more consistency with background so they could resonate with each other.

Change the blending mode from “Normal” to “Multiply”.

Use blur brush in CSP to blur the inner part of second layer of shadow so that the shadows look more natural.


Hope you enjoy it!

By the way, when I was trying the effects, I found these two look good as well:

Like a witch using invisiblity cloak!

Sillhouette version!