Ching / 慶

Dec 28, 2020

4 min read

36/365寫作計畫-向量插畫 Vector Illustration

Recently I am making vector illustrations for the app my company is making. The reason why we use vector is because it would be easy to apply to different platform, it would not lose details after reshaping or resizing.

While drawing, or making and dragging vector lines in the real situation, I realized it was a good opportunity for me to dig into the research of color combinations because the app items should be similar but recognizably different.

Here’s how I make the items.
First, ideation,
mainly on my paper notebook. Looking at blank papers always gives me more ideas than empty art board on my screen.

Please ignore the strawberry nose, that is just a slang in Chinese, 草莓鼻 [chao-mei-bi].

Second, draft.
My preference for now is CSP, Clip Studio Paint, or Adobe Photoshop in som cases. In my opinion, PS is good because it’s connected with the other Adobe Softwares and the adjustment tools but CSP provides greater tools for drawing and texture painting.

Third, vector illustration. Using shape tools or dragging vector lines or pen tool or expending Raster pictures.

Forth and final step, color combination test. Adobe Illustration provides a powerful tool called “Recolor Artwork” for this task. It Is worthy to give it a try, not always produce a good result but convinient for testing.

The more I make, the easier the process becomes. For the latest game, I’ve finally made something more satisfying. Really appreciate the opportunity my company gave me.

I like this macha cake and the macha cream drops a lot XD

This one is related to Taiwanese version Boston Pie I ate this week. And I add a strawberry since I went strawberry picking this winter. Always get inspired from daily life!

As always, thanks reading and hope you learn anything new or get pleasure from my works! (Though I’m shifting between languages :P)